We have a responsibility to do things the right way. For us, for our customers and for the environment.

Our approach isn’t about simply creating great plates of food. It has to go much further.

It’s about creating a sustainable business that bolsters our community, rather than taking away from it.

Our Menu

We believe in fresh, locally sourced produce made with our own hands, wherever possible.

Many of our herbs, fruit and vegetables are grown at Somerton, the grounds surrounding us at 28 Market Place. 

It means we can adapt to the seasons. It means we can educate our teams. And it means we can create a business that is self-sufficient.

Our Menu
28 Market Place - Somerton Somerset Restaurant

Our quality meat comes directly from local farmers

28 Market Place - Somerton Somerset Restaurant

Our producers share our ethos.

We know that because they care about their product, sustainability becomes an integral and natural part of the process. 

For the product itself, how it’s packaged and how it’s delivered.

For us and for them, every detail counts.

Our Producers